Powering a Philips Hue Bridge with PoE

I’m amazed the Philips Hue Bridge can’t be powered by PoE right out the box. Considering it requires an Ethernet connection you would think Philips would have allowed the Bridge, that only needs 5v DC and draws 1 Amp, to power itself from a PoE Ethernet port. Instead you need to find yet another power outlet. But for under ¬£20 it is possible to free up a power outlet and

Perl Module for Cisco Firepower Management Center API

I may have reinvented the wheel with this but I’ve started to write a Perl module for interacting with the Cisco FMC API using Perl. I say I may have reinvented the wheel because I didn’t check to see if someone else had already done this. I’ve published my module¬†on GitHub. At the time of writing this, the module is at version 0.01. And as per the README right now

Using acme.sh For Certificate Management

Back in 2016 I wrote some notes on issuing and renewing certificates through Let’s Encrypt and using EFF’s CertBot to facilitate this. Today I revisited this after seeing acme.sh on OPNsense. What’s super impressive with acme.sh is that it’s a shell script. And it’s super easy to use. Installing acme.sh is simple. After following these instructions you’re all set. Note that acme.sh is installed in to $HOME. It’s not installed

Simple Next Generation Firewall Manipulation Leading to Data Exfiltration

I was asked to take over a project involving implementing some Next Generation Firewalls. In this particular case it was Cisco Firepower Threat Defense. I was told that these NGFWs are all singing, all dancing and given the cost of them you’d expect that and more. I was told they understand more than just Layer 3 meaning we can do things like write rules based on FQDN, allow traffic based