I may have reinvented the wheel with this but I’ve started to write a Perl module for interacting with the Cisco FMC API using Perl. I say I may have reinvented the wheel because I didn’t check to see if someone else had already done this.

I’ve published my moduleĀ on GitHub.

At the time of writing this, the module is at version 0.01. And as per the README right now it lacks support for anything other than Network Groups. It also lacks comments, proper documentation, sane error checking and handling. But I have included an example that uses the module and hopefully this will be enough to get people using it.

Hopefully there will be more commits from me in the future but I welcome people forking and contributing back to the module in the form of pull requests. I’ve licensed the code under the Apache 2.0 license to encourage community participation. Comments here are closed and for any issues, ideas or help, please create an issue on GitHub.